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Get Ready for Summer! Save 25% on freedomRail Garage

Jun 02, 2014
Now through June 30, save 25% on freedomRail Garage and Activity Organizers. And, don't forget Dad. Father's Day is June 15. Give him the gift of organization by helping him declutter his garage!

Declutter your garage and make room for the car with huge savings during the entire month of June. Save 25% on all freedomRail Garage and Activity Organizers until June 30!

Watch the video now for ideas on how to organize your garage with Organized Living!

Organizing the garage doesn't have to be a huge endeavor. Here are six quick tips to taming clutter:

  1. Get the entire family’s help with the organizing process. By being involved, they’re more inclined to put things back where they belong.
  2. Throw out the trash! Remove items and start sorting in four general piles; belongs, doesn't belong (things that go back inside), garage sale and donate.
  3. Measure the space needed for essentials – cars, bikes, etc. and then plan your space. Keep like activities together such as gardening, sports and work tools.
  4. Free up floor space by using hooks and organizers that attach to the wall. Organized Living Activity Organizer Wall Grids are perfect for storing bikes, gardening tools and the kid’s toys.
  5.  Store seasonal items up high in storage containers.
  6.  Containerize. Group like items together and store them in containers. Don’t forget to label

For more great tips and to browse images, visit our community pages. 

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