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The Closet Hang Up

Created on Mar 15, 2013
Organized Living wooden clothes hanger

By Amanda LeBlanc

Since I discussed building the perfect closet design in my last blog post (Building a Better Place), today I thought we would discuss the next step to making it the closet of your dreams; the wooden hanger. 

Call me mommy dearest but I hate wire hangers! The right hanger in your closet can make a huge difference for closet organization and adds a lot to the existing aesthetic.

Personally I am a huge fan of wooden hangers. Most wooden hangers will last a lifetime which makes them a great investment in getting organized. I started bringing these hangers into client’s homes and the difference they made was tremendous.

The wooden hanger allows your clothes to have the support they need to look good and last longer. No more shoulder pokes, or creases in fold over pants; wooden hangers alleviate these problems. Plus, they provide you with the option to hang sweaters that would otherwise have to be folded!

My favorite aspect of the wooden hanger is the aesthetic difference that the same type of hanger in your closet can make! It is a quick way to add style to your closet and I can tell you from experience, when your closet looks better and you like the way it looks, you are twice as motivated to maintaining the organization!

Happy Organizing! 

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