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Renting Storage? Instead, Save Money by Putting the Right Storage Systems in Place!

Created on May 17, 2013
Amanda LeBlanc provides tips for Organized Living

By Amanda LeBlanc

As a professional organizer, I have many clients that call me to help them organize their excess belongings into offsite storage units. Although it’s what they contact me for, I challenge them to think about the long term consequences before I take on the task.

First, I ask all of my clients how many months they plan to keep the storage unit. Then, I give them an average time span that a person rents a unit and multiply it by the average price of a unit in the U.S. It adds up quickly! Just renting a 5’x5’ space is nearly $500 a year. Truth be told, most rent units longer. 

Let’s look at your home organization and see how we can make that a better investment of your funds.

To give you an example, I recently moved into a great house. But, my all of my closets were lacking. They all were equipped with only one wire closet shelf – seriously? The crazy part is that the ceiling height in the closet is 108 inches and the doors are 8 foot high. So why one wire closet shelf? Because it’s cheap! This is a common occurrence in many homes. A lot of clients look at that one wire shelf and they think they have no options. They use that storage space up quickly and then look to a storage unit as a solution.

With my home, I took another route instead. I chose to maximize my closet storage and make it efficient for my family. I turned one wire shelf into triple hang and added storage shelves and drawers for my daughter. Plus, by adding storage, I added equity to my home.

Why pay for a storage unit with your hard earned dollars? Instead, invest in your own home by adding Organized Living storage systems

Take Organized Living freedomRail closet systems for instance, it's a highly functional and flexible home storage option for so many spaces. From closets and pantries to offices and garages, freedomRail has a home storage solution for everyone and just about every need!

So say goodbye to overpriced storage units and say hello to custom storage systems for the home!

Organized Living custom closet design tool



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