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Clearing Closet Clutter: DIY Closet Organization

Created on Aug 14, 2013
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Seven pairs of blue jeans, Eighteen skirts and eleven white t-shirts. Your dresser drawers will not close, and you’re running out of closet hangers! Your never-ending shelf of sweatshirts gets steeper every day. You jokingly call it ‘Clothes Mountain,’ but you are fearful of an impending avalanche.

Sound familiar? You are not alone! Here are some tips for DIY closet organization to help you clear closet clutter. 

1.    Get Inspired

Visualize your space, clutter-free. Looking at inspirational images can fuel your own creative mojo and give you the motivational energy you need to get started!

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2.     Donate

Look at your closet in-between seasons (before fall, after winter, etc.) and really scrutinize your wardrobe. Gather your unworn clothes, and donate them to a local charity.

3.     Style

Defeat ‘clothes mountain’ clutter in style! Consider adding baskets or drawers to add some organizational elegance to your space.

Have you scaled your ‘Clothes Mountain?’ We’d love to hear your closet organization stories. Comment below to share!

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