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5 Creative Ways to Use freedomRail

Created on Sep 19, 2013
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freedomRail storage systems are perfect for organizing closets and pantries, but did you know that freedomRail can organize any area of the home? Its versatility gives you the freedom to design any space that needs organization. Add freedomRail to these five spaces to create a perfectly organized home.

  1. Home Office – you can turn a wall or closet into an efficient home office using very little space. Add O-Box drawers and O-Box Cubbies to customize the space even more. 
  2. Bookshelves – freedomRail is the perfect solution for creating bookshelves anywhere in the home. And, shelves come in many finishes to compliment existing furniture.
  3. Entertainment Center – freedomRail holds up to 100 pounds per linear foot. That means it’s durable enough to hold a television, cable boxes, DVDs, books and more. 
  4. Mudrooms – Use freedomRail GO-Lockers in the mudroom to create personalized storage lockers for family members. Add GO-Box Cubbies and GO-Box Drawers below as a “catch all” to store shoes, hats and accessories. Shelves can be added to the space for storing bins and boxes to contain keys and smaller items.
  5. Basement – freedomRail combines shelves with hanging space, which makes it the perfect solution for a basement. Store out of season clothes conveniently by attaching freedomRail to any basement wall.
Use our online design tools to create a custom closet space to fit your needs, style and budget.

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Have you used freedomRail to organize a unique space? We’d love to hear about it. Send details so we can share it with others! 

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