Thanks for the great time saving tips. I've gained at least one hour a day simply by getting organized!
-Emily Richardson

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The Essentials for Organizing (And Why You Can’t Live Without Them)

Created on Nov 07, 2013
Essentials of Organizing

What if you could find an extra hour in your day? You can, by simply getting organized!

On average, we lose an hour a day looking for misplaced items. That’s 365 hours a year, which translates into nine 40 hour vacations! By using these essential organizing products, you’ll gain time to enjoy the things you love most.

  • Clear Containers with Lids. Great for seasonal and shoe storage, clear containers allow you to see contents easily. And, you can make use of your vertical space by stacking them. 

  • Label Maker. Labeling items helps you quickly find things and return them where they belong. You can find lots of free labels too, here are a few free printable labels to help you get started. 

  • Under the Bed Storage. Under the bed is prime real estate for storage. Use containers to gain extra space for storing out of season shoes, sweaters and linens. 

  • Labeled File Folders and File Storage. Get rid of paper clutter with a proper filing system. Give each document a specific place in your filing cabinet to save time. And if you're stuck on what to keep and what to get rid of, here is a handy guide to help you decide. 

  • Paper Shredder. If you don’t file it, recycle it! Protect yourself by shredding documents that you don’t need but that contain confidential information.

  • Shelving. Shelving that attaches to the wall helps you store more in less space.Organized Living freedomRail storage systems attach to any substrate and are easy to install and adjust to fit storage needs for years to come.

  • Drawer Organizers. Divided compartments are an easy way to keep smaller items organized - enough said :)

  • Open Bins and Baskets. This solution saves you time by allowing you to toss kids’ toys, mail, mittens, or media quickly inside and keeps them easily accessible.

  • Double Hang in the Closet – Stacking two areas of hanging space, one on top of the other, creates double hang in a closet, which gives you “double” the storage space to hang items. Choose from 10,000s of designs from Organized Living's online design tools to create perfectly organized spaces that put you in control.

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