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Letting Go of Clutter Can Feel Great!

Created on Jan 13, 2015

Dealing with clutter can be stressful, but even more trying when you think of it in terms of memories. Making decisions of what to keep and what to let go can be incredibly tough sometimes. But it’s truly liberating and worth the effort. When you make good decisions and are completely honest with your self about purging your belongings, you will find two amazing things will happen.

  1. You will have more space in your life. By letting go of items you don’t need, you will free up more space in your home; creating less clutter and more storage. The less stuff you have, the less you have to manage. Clean up will be quicker and finding things will be easier since you will have less to deal with when you’re searching for belongings. Remember, it’s okay to have empty space! Shelves don’t always have to be filled. Extra space gives you room to grow and we could all use a little more of that.
  2. When you let go of items, donate them to people in need. There are loads of charities that you can donate to. Choose one that’s close to your heart or cause. They are fabulous organizations that provide the basics to people in need who would otherwise go without. Giving to others is the feel good part of getting organized. You won’t feel bad about parting with your unwanted items if you know they will help others who really need them. It’s nicer to know that our surplus can make a difference.
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