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Learn How to Host the Very Best Garage Sale - Ever

Created on Mar 03, 2014
Tips for hosting a yard sale | Organized Living
With a little motivation and some advice from the experts, an organized yard sale can clear clutter and score cash. If you're thinking about hosting one at your house or nearest community, here are three of our favorite sites that provide the best tips to help you stay organized in the process. 

Learn how to host your very best yard sale ever!

And lastly, don't forget to advertise!, and are just a few of the many places you can list your sales to entice more buyers. Once you're finished, don't keep your unsold goods hanging around. Instead, donate them. You'll feel better getting rid of your stuff in lieu of taking up valuable space in your home for things you no longer use. Plus, it feels great giving to others who CAN find a use for them and will give them a second life! 

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