freedomRail closets are awesome! Easy to adjust, built solid and definitely cost effective! I highly recommend freedomRail to anyone looking for a quality closet but does not want to pay outrageous prices
-Shane Moore
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Get in Control of Your Closet Using Adjustable Storage

Created on Dec 13, 2013

"Your life isn't stationary, so your storage shouldn't be either!" Pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc, gives the best tips, but this one really hits me hard. 

I am renowned for changing my mind even when making the smallest decisions, like should have ordered a soft drink or tea, did I make the right decision on the color of shoes I bought, or should I have chosen the white phone instead of the black? But when it comes to big decisions, I like having some wiggle room. 

Just like Amanda said, it's especially true when it comes to storage. Systems should change easily as your needs change. You should have freedom to change your mind and rearrange the space whenever you want - quickly and easily. 

Take a look at this Organized Living freedomRail closet that Amanda designed for one of her clients. Not only is it beautiful but it's adjustable. When her client wants more storage for folding sweaters or more hanging space - no problem! And the best part is that they can add and rearrange shelves without any tools! 

Organized Living Custom Closet Design by The Amandas
Image: Organized Living freedomRail 
Design by The Amandas

We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below to tell us what features are most important in a storage system for you, whether it's appearance, cost, quality, adjustability or something else. 

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  1. Jane Allen | Dec 20, 2013
    These products would really help me get rid of the clutter and become super organized.
  2. Mary Lynn | Dec 14, 2013
    I'm most interested in quality. I hate the wire systems that bend when you put weight on them. My hipusband and I installed one in our home once and it fell down about a month later!!! 
  3. Janis Lauer | Dec 13, 2013
    This looks like a whole other room.  How many people have a whole room to make their closet?  I sure wish I do!!!!

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