freedomRail closets are awesome! Easy to adjust, built solid and definitely cost effective! I highly recommend freedomRail to anyone looking for a quality closet but does not want to pay outrageous prices
-Shane Moore
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5 Secrets to Keeping Your Child's Closet Organized

Created on May 19, 2014
6 Secrets to Keeping Your Child's Closet Organized
"The key to organizing a child's closet (and to keeping it organized) is to put systems in place that are easy to maintain." Professional Organizer, Amanda LeBlanc.

  • Triple your storage! Not only does triple hang for clothes maximize space, but it also makes it easy for children to reach the lowest level of clothes. So it's perfect for clothes worn most often like dress-up gear!
  • Amanda recommends using bins without lids. Lids are a barrier and make it tough for children to see toys inside bins. Plus, bins without lids make clean-up a cinch. 
  • Open shelves that attach to the wall (like the Organized Living freedomRail shelves you see below) are safe for children because they're strong. This means you don't have to worry about them failing or pulling away from the wall. Shelves hold up to 150 pounds every 40 inches. We recommend that you always attach Organized Living shelf screws to the bracket so that shelves do not shift or topple over when they are used in a child's room, playroom or heavy traffic area. 

6 Secrets to Keeping Your Child's Closet Organized | Image: The Amandas
 Organized Living freedomRail white shelving | design by The Amandas

  • Shelves are also chip-proof meaning they can withstand daily (rugged) use, from a team of playful tots, for years to come. 
  • And the best part is freedomRail shelving adjusts as children grow - without ANY tools! 

Six Secrets to Keeping Your Child's Closet Organized
Organized Living freedomRail in Cypress Live. 

Tell us what you think! Would this closet help keep your child organized? What would you change or what do you like most?

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