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Six Easy Steps for Spring Home Organization

Created on Mar 01, 2013
Organized Garage for Spring -

With the arrival of spring comes the perfect opportunity to clean and organize your home. Tackle four of the most cluttered areas in the home this spring with these quick, easy organizational ideas from Organized Living. 

  1. Find a Home for Everything Before you dig into spring cleaning, make sure that all of your cleaning supplies are in one place so you can locate them quickly. Create an orderly home for everything from the broom and mop to the bleach and dust rags.
  2. A cleaning supply organizer that hangs over a hall closet door is a great way to stay organized by using vertical space on the back of a door. Place brooms, mops, dusters and dustpans on hooks, and store bottles of cleaning supplies on shelving. Put all your cleaning supplies for each room in one tote so you can easily transport them.
  3. Convert Your Closet from Chaotic to CalmOrganized Living recommends the one-in-one-out rule to help keep the closet from overflowing with clothes. Basically, if you buy one item, you need to get rid of one item to make room. This forces you to think about how badly you need or want an item. Don’t just buy something because it’s on sale unless you’re willing to get rid of something.
  4. Change Your Garage from Glum to Glam. Although the garage is meant for cars, many homes across the U.S. use the garage as a “catch all” for the items that can’t fit or don’t belong inside the house. It’s important to take advantage of vertical space. Install garage shelving and a grid system on the wall with hooks to help take items like sports equipment, tools and seasonal decorations off the garage floor.
  5. Banish Bathroom Clutter. Since a bathroom is usually a shared space, it can quickly turn into a mess. Keep electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons, in one convenient place. And drawer organizers in drawers and cabinets to keep everything from crowding counter space.
  6. Clear Out the Kitchen. One of the places in the kitchen that becomes the most cluttered is the space underneath the sink because it’s difficult to crouch down and dig through under-the-sink cabinets for belongings. Banish disorganization by adding storage drawers that can be easily pulled out, revealing the drawer’s contents or by organizing things in individual bins.
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Home Organization Tips From Organized Living


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  1. Steam | Aug 30, 2014
    Regular house cleaning is the best way to protect health and make your house more tidy
  2. Mark Sindone | Mar 12, 2014
    "Change Your Garage from Glum to Glam." I love this! SO many people tend to discount tools and equipment because they are oddly shaped. Some of the best storage units I've seen at the facility I run in Sydney are really amazing because the owners have taken the time to really get the space organized to maximise the space! Don't take organization for granted people!

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