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5 Home Organization Projects to Tackle in Really Hot Weather

Created on Jul 17, 2013
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Baby it’s hot outside…. With temperatures reaching 100+ degrees, it’s tempting to just to stay indoors to beat the heat. In fact, it’s a great excuse to finish up some projects you’ve put off in lieu of summer fun. Here are five organizing projects you can accomplish indoors when it’s too hot to venture outdoors.

  1. Clean out the fridge. There’s no better way to beat summer heat than standing in front of an ice cold fridge. Purge expired food and add lazy susans and bins to organize snacks, sodas and lunch meats. The trade off? Extra room for fresh summer veggies!
  2. Organize summer pictures. Sort through pictures in your camera and upload them to your computer or disk. There are tons of online services that allow you to store them for free so it’s easy to categorize and print your collection instantly. Or, print pictures from home or through a printing service and store them in labeled organizers for friends and family to enjoy. 
  3. Give your closet some much needed TLC. Turn up the tunes and dedicate some time to organizing your closet. Purge items you haven’t worn in more then three months and refold messy clothes and categorize hanging clothes by color and occasion. Reward yourself with matching hangers for a job well done!5 Home Organizing Projects to Tackle in Really Hot Weather
  4. Re-evaluate your summer bucket list. What have you accomplished so far this year? What do you still have time for? Reorganize and build excitement around things you and your family plan to do before the end of summer. Don’t have a summer bucket list? No worries, you can start here and edit according to your summer agenda.
  5. Organize your shoes! “Life is too short. Buy the shoes.” Whoever coined that mantra was not only a wise person, but probably also in desperate need of shoe storage. Give your shoes the love they deserve and prolong the life of your favorite pairs by storing shoes properly.  
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