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10 Simple Tips for Fall Home Organization

Created on Oct 16, 2014

Organized Living spokesperson and organization guru, Amanda LeBlanc, gives us her 10 best tips to prepare homes for fall and winter.

Read them now so you'll have a head start on your to-do list before the hectic holiday season hits! After all, less stress = more cheer! 

10 Simple Tips for Fall Home Organization | Organized Living

  1. Don’t wait until the first cold day to find out your kid’s coats no longer fit! Check sizes now so they have the right size when they need them. 
  2. Better to be safe than sorry… Have your heater checked and make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are in place and working. 
  3. Night-time Knowledge. Before the cold settles in, we have warm nights and chilly nights. Be prepared with an extra blanket at the end of all of your beds for extra warmth. 
  4. Start your to-do lists for the holiday season now! The early bird gets the worm: enjoy your holidays more. 
  5. Put a log on the fire. Light a log to clear the soot out of your chimney or light the pilot to enjoy a cozy night by the fireplace.
  6. Create a space for winter gear. Organize your hall closet for the busy season. Add a basket or container near the door for hats, gloves and scarves for easy, on-the-go access.  10 Ways to Organize the Home for Fall | Organized Living
  7. Clear the camera cards. Download all of your summer vacation pictures onto your computer. Make sure you have room for all of the holiday pictures you want to take! 
  8. Unpack and donate unused holiday décor. Whether you decide to donate or trash it, don’t take up your valuable space with items you don’t need. 
  9. Fall cleaning. The guests are coming and you want your home to sparkle! Organize your entryways, have your carpets cleaned and fan blades dusted off. Don’t forget to deep clean the freezer to prepare for the holiday cooking. Check out more fall organizing tips on our Pinterest page
  10. Make a list and check it twice. Begin your shopping list for holiday gifts and start looking for those items on sale. Avoid the crowds by not waiting until the last minute!

Home organization tips | Organized Living

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  1. Jessica | Sep 26, 2013
    I started on this list and made it through 5. My goal is to get through all 10 before the end of September. Great stuff! 

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