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Best Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

Created on Dec 04, 2012
Organized Living freedomRail Basement Storage
Packing away holiday decorations is not nearly as fun as getting them out. But unless you celebrate Christmas in July, it’s a necessary task. Follow these five simple tips for getting your home back in order after the holidays.

  1. Evaluate what you have. As you’re packing things away, it’s the perfect time to take an inventory of what to keep and what to donate. 
  2. Add efficient storage to accommodate your packed holiday decorations. Organized Living freedomRail shelving is easy to install and can work perfectly in any substrate, including attic, basement or garage walls. 
  3. Store wreaths in storage containers made specifically for wreath storage to protect them from breakage. Or, store them in large trash bags and hang them on hooks in the basement or garage to keep them protected.
  4. Drape linens over hangers and store them in garment bags to keep them clean and wrinkle free. Hang them on clothes racks in the basement or guest closet so they’re easy to grab for next year.   
  5. Drawer systems keep holiday decorations all in one place. Choose deeper drawers for ornament containers and smaller drawers for linens or dishes.
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