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10 Simple Ways to Organize a Pantry

Created on Nov 14, 2012
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  1. Start fresh by sorting though your pantry so you’ll have a fresh start.
  2. Get rid of spices more than 3 years old and toss out expired food. 
  3. Organize kitchen cabinets by adding cabinet organizers. They’re the easiest way to double vertical space. 
  4. Maximize pantry and cupboards by storing flour, sugar and spices in airtight stackable containers.  
  5. Food storage containers and lids can quickly get out of control. Organize them in separate bins – one for lids and one for the containers and keep them on shelves so they’re easy to match.   
  6. Create the pantry of your dreams with an Organized Living freedomRail or Classica storage system. Combine drawers and shelves for storing food, serveware, linens and more. It’s easy to install and can be customized to fit any space.
  7. Create a family communication center to keep your affairs in order. Place a message board on the fridge and it’s a safe bet that everyone in the house will see it.
  8. Don’t forget about your pantry door space! Over the door organizers are the perfect way to gain extra space in the pantry for storing spices, can goods, paper towels and more. 
  9. It’s easy to be overcome with plastic grocery bags. Attach a grocery bag saver on a shallow pantry wall for keeping them all in one spot.  Or better yet, use reusable shopping bags.
  10. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that having a perfectly organized pantry will cut cooking time in half - leaving you more time to enjoy with family and friends!
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