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Kid Friendly Organizing Tips

Created on Nov 14, 2012
Organizing a child's closet may seem like you're constantly chasing your tail. That's because they grow so quickly and it's hard to keep up with clothes and toys they've outgrown.The key is getting them involved in the organizing process.Make the organization process a learning experience for your kid’s. Getting them involved makes them more responsible for their belongings. Plus, they are more inclined to put things back where they belong.

  • First, sort though your child’s clothes. Kid’s grow so fast so I recommend doing this at the beginning of each season. Donate clothes that they’ve outgrown to friends and family or, to your local thrift store. Or, host a good old fashioned yard sale!
  • Place bins and shelving at your child’s level. This gives them the independence to grab their toys and to place them back on their own. 
  • Use a flexible storage system that provides the freedom to adjust as your child grows. For instance, a toddler might use a stack of triple hang space for clothing at first, but as they grow, they’ll need to adjust this space to double hang.
  • Avoid lids whenever possible. It creates a barrier between your child and getting their toys and putting them away.
  • Organize by color. For instance, use multi-colored hangers for closets. Red hanger for shirts, blue for pants, pink for dresses and yellow for jackets. This method is fun and easy for kid’s to understand, and makes clean up a cinch!
  • Label bins so things are easy to find. Make it fun! Add pictures to labels depicting what’s inside so that even little ones can find what they need fast.
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