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Basement Storage Tips

Created on Nov 15, 2012

Use the basement to free up living space throughout the home for parties, gatherings and more. Follow these helpful tips to get started.

  1. The basement is a great spot to store seasonal clothes, extra linens and outdoor supplies. Install a strong storage system like freedomRail to hold even the heaviest loads.
  2. Use ceiling space to free up valuable floor and shelf space. Install hooks in ceiling joints to hang folding chairs, skis and garden hoses.    
  3. Be sure to label storage containers as you’re putting them away so you can easily identify what is inside. Make sure you place the label where you can easily read it.
  4. Ventilated drawers systems work great for storing bulk cleaning supplies, paper towels and utilities. Maximize vertical space by stacking them as high as 6’ tall. 
  5. Add an Over the Door storage system to the back of the door leading into the basement.  It’s a great place to store extra holiday food and doesn’t require any extra space.    

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