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Lovely, Organized Linen Closets!

Created on Nov 15, 2012

Sheets, towels and lotions, oh my...oh my! Create a spa like linen closet out of chaos in no time with these five simple tips.

  1. Group like items into categories such as make-up, hair care and lotions. Store them in open containers so they're easily accessible.
  2. Add sliding baskets on the bottom of linen closets for convenient storage.  They come in many sizes and are the perfect solution for storing extra towels, sheets and bath essentials for guests. 
  3. Since many of us like to buy in bulk, store extra toilet paper, paper towels and shampoos in large containers on the top shelves in your linen closet. 
  4. Don't forget to use your door space! Attach over the door storage to the linen or bathroom door to instantly add storage for anything from shower gels to bath slippers.
  5. Use the Organized Living online design tool to select a linen closet perfect for you. Simply add your dimensions and in seconds, we’ll provide you with efficient design choices recommended by our design experts.

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