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Organize the Hobby Room for an All Inspiring Space

Created on Nov 15, 2012
Organized Living freedomRail Hobby Space
The hobby room is the hub of creative projects. But nothing crushes creativity more than having an unorganized space. Use these five tips for getting things in order before your next project.  

  1. Organize crafting supplies by purpose. Sort threads, beads, paper and more by color, seasonality, or brand; whichever suits your work style best. Place them in appropriate containers  to keep them neat and organized.
  2. Use stacking bins on tables and shelves to make use of vertical space. Add a label to the front so you can find contents quickly.
  3. Chances are you’ll be wrapping a lot of gifts in the next few weeks. Keep scissors, tape, and gift tags in portable totes. It makes it easier to transfer them from room to room. 
  4. Sliding baskets are perfect for keeping gifts organized before wrapping. Choose from 16 different sizes to suit your needs. 
  5. Organized Living freedomRail storage systems can be used to create a desk space for hobby projects and more. Simply combine a desk top, shelves and file cubbies, and viola, you have an efficient work surface that takes up little space.
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