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Best Ways to Organize Photos

Created on Nov 27, 2012
You might consider organizing photos a “back burner” project or a luxury project that only those super organized people can accomplish. But in reality, it’s a fun and easy project that you can enjoy. 

Whether you’re organizing digital photos or prints, follow these simple tips to get started. 

For Prints:
1. Gather. Pull your photos from all areas of the home. Choose a comfortable spot so you can enjoy yourself as you arrange them.
2. Separate. Focus on one box or pile at a time and organize photos by occasion then date.
3. Label. Use an acid-free photo pencil or pen to safely label your photos. Add the occasion, date and the people included to save memories. If you don’t have time to label each one, separate them by occasion and place them in an acid free photo box and label the outside until you have time to label them individually. 
4. Store. Once you’ve separated your photos by occasion or date, shop for acid-free albums and archival systems to store them long term safely.
5. Maintain. Now that your photos are organized, keep it that way. Each time you take new photos, develop the film at least every two months and place them neatly in albums or boxes. 

For Digital Photos:
1. Categorize. First, decide what your goal is for your digital photos.  Do you want to email them, share, print or save them? 
2. Share. Post digital photos to a photo sharing site like flickr or Shutterfly. Photos are easy to upload and to create photo albums that you can share with friends and family. And, there are privacy settings so that only your friends and family can view them. 
3. Save. Today, most photos are digital and it’s usually not necessary to print them all. Instead, burn them onto CDs and categorize them by occasion or date. 
4. Print. If you don’t have a photo printer and have lots of photos you’d like to print, it’s a good idea to research one. It’s often cheaper and it’s easier to print them from the comfort of your home. 
5. Protect. Back up your photo files frequently.  Burn the files onto a CD or DVD. Label the discs and store them on a spindle, in jewel cases or inside a CD book.

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  1. Mary Brockmeier | Dec 14, 2012
    I look forward to using some of these tips.  I have so many photos

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