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Arranging a Beautiful Bookshelf

Created on Jan 21, 2013

Arranging bookshelves can be tough. The goal is to fill the shelves for a cozy look, but to avoid too much clutter. There truly is a fine line. Follow these simple organizational tips to gain beautifully organized shelves.

  • Avoid over cluttering shelves with knick knacks.  To many can overwhelm the space making them look cluttered and messy.
  • Stack books horizontally and vertically to create optical interest.
  • Add colorful paper or paint to the back wall of shelves to create a more personalized look.
  • Use pretty storage boxes and baskets, such as Organized Livings Simple Baskets, for organization as well as aesthetic.  
  • Items do not have to be in one straight line, especially if you have deep shelves.  Experiment with bringing some items forward or backward.
  • Add a few striking pieces that will draw the eye, like an interesting antique or colorful figurine.
  • Use vases as bookends for a more interesting look.
  • Create your own shelving unit. Use the Organized Living design tool to create shelving that reflects your unique personal storage style and needs. 
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1 Comment

  1. 1 ana eugenia 15 Jul
    2 bookshelves 10 cubicles altogether.
    Bookshelves in white, wall painted in navy dark blue. Need to put on them my collection of all classic of old records, and books a lot of them. That's is the reason why I joined two bookshelves together.


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