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Five Uses for freedomRail O-Boxes in the Kitchen

Created on Feb 12, 2013

The Kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. People coming and going, for snacks, or a place to study; it’s where meals are prepared and cooked, dishes are cleaned, and the refrigerator and pantry are full of ingredients. It’s hard to keep everything organized and easily accessible, especially if you’re keeping a busy schedule! The Organized Living freedomRail O-Box Cubby (short for Organizational Box Cubby) is the perfect component to add to freedomRail storage systems to keep the pantry tidy. It features multiple cubes to store an array of items. 

  • The Wine Connoisseur:   Securely store your wine collection in the cubbies. Just slide the bottles in and out; it’s that easy! Plus, you can organize the rows or columns by type or origin, making it even easier to find your favorites.
  • The On-the-Go Soup Lover: Soup is the perfect, nutritional meal for busy-bodies always on the go. The freedomRail O-Box Cubby is the perfect addition to the soup-can family growing in your pantry. Organize soup flavors by cubby, and you’ll be out the door, soup in hand, in no time.
  • Lover of Linens: Novelty napkins, towels, and even place mats are always a great addition for that special dinner or holiday. Even everyday linens need a place to call home! The cubbies in the O-Box are the perfect size for collections large or small.
  • The Adventurous Spicer: Love to add flavor to all of your meals? The O-Box Cubby keeps spices organized by type or alphabetically. You’ll save money too because you’ll never buy the same spice twice. Plus, your collection is always right at your fingertips.
  • The Bare Necessities: Use the O-Box to keep all of your plastic bags, wraps, wax papers, and more, organized in your pantry. With everything separated in individual cubbies, packing away leftovers and preparing lunches is a breeze!
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