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Keeping the Laundry Room Organized

Created on Feb 15, 2013

Laundry is not many people’s favorite activity, so being organized and using these time saving organization tips can free you up to spend your time doing things that you love! 

  • Put a hamper in your bathroom or linen closet.  By having a separate hamper for linens you have all of your towels in one place and ready for washing.
  • Invest in a hamper with separate compartments.  Why spend all of your time sorting?  Keep your dirty laundry organized so that it is ready to toss into the wash when you are.
  • Searching for that missing sock can be frustrating.  Give each member of your family a mesh bag for socks.  These can be tossed into the washer and dryer and loose socks will stay together.
  • Install a gliding Stor-Drawer for each member of your family.  As laundry is completed add each person’s items to their drawer.  The drawer can be easily removed and carried to that person’s room, while their belongings are neatly stored until then.
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