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Organization Tips for Happy Hobbies

Created on Jun 21, 2013
freedomRail Hobby Room

An organized hobby space cultivates creativity! 

Regardless of what your hobby is, supplies can turn messy quick. That's because of all of the parts and components involved. The trick is to create a place for everything to keep the peace. 

  1. Rule number one….use hooks and baskets to keep items separate and organized. They're also a great way to free up a valuable work surface.
  1. Organize supplies in labeled storage boxes. Choose stackable boxes to maximize vertical space. Make sure they're clear too so that you can quickly identify contents. 
  1. Turntables or lazy susans are traditionally used in the kitchen, but there are no rules limiting you from using them in other areas. Use them to store small items below a vanity or kitchen counter for quick and easy access. 
  1. Use a photo album or binder with clear pages to store paper, thread and embellishments in a hobby area. They're also idea to organize manuals, receipts and directions.


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