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Six Easy Tips to Organize Pantry Shelving

Created on Jul 26, 2013
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Pretzels and veggies and canned goods, oh my!
Pantries have the ability to get messy pretty quick. That's because its one of the busiest spaces in a home. Keep your pantry clean, tidy, and, of course, organized with these six easy tips!

  1. Consider baskets without lids to keep foods, serveware and lids categorized. Lids only hinder your ability to see what's inside and to put things away. Instead, keep things simple with open baskets.
  2. Purge once a month (at least). Spend a half an hour each month inside the pantry to look over food expiration dates and to make lists of what needs replaced. 
  3. Make it noteworthy. Keep a grocery notepad inside of your pantry so you can quickly jot down groceries you use and will need to replace. If it's nearby, you're more likely to keep the list up-to-date.   
  4. Host a cooking tools swap! Most of us are all guilty of having too many cooking utensils (I mean who can resist)? Instead of cluttering your pantry with utensils that you don't use, have friends over for a cooking tool swap to exchange them with one another.  
  5. Keep your eye on what's most important. Items that youaccess most often like snacks and spices should be kept at eye level to minimize search time.
  6. Devote your doors. If your pantry has a door, then you're in luck! Add an over the door storage rack to maximize space. 


Watch this video for even more pantry tips from pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc

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