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Organizing Your Space: Garage Storage

Created on Aug 14, 2013
Organzied Living Home Organziation Tips

When you hear the phrase, “garage storage,” do these words come to mind: clean, simple and effortless? If not, think again!

These words can be used to describe your garage. Don’t believe me? Here are three easy tips to rejuvenate your space.

1.     Clean & Categorize

Sort your items into specific categories, like “Lawn Care.” Place the items into baskets and mark the basket’s exterior with large, legible labels.

2.     Find Storage Solutions

A space is only as good as its shelving unit, right? Consider adding a storage solution to your garage. With different styles to suit every space, our shelving units cater to your busy lifestyle.            

3.     Purposeful Placement

Utilize your shelving systems to ensure that every item in your garage has a place. Make it a habit to continually return items to their ‘homes.’ For example, hanging your bike after a ride will save time and space!

An organized garage is not an urban myth! By de-cluttering your space and finding ‘homes’ for your tools, bikes and balls, you can create a simple, livable space. 

Organized Living Home Organization Tips

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