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Budget Friendly Tips to Organize a Bedroom Closet

Created on Nov 27, 2013
Small Hanger
It's amazing how matching hangers can instantly transform a closet! Here are four other tips for a neat and orderly closet that are right on budget. 

  1. Always organize clothes by color. Pro organizer, Amanda LeBlanc, recommends arranging them by color according to the rainbow. Why? Because clothes will be easier to find, but also because it's visually appealing and doesn't cost a dime!
  2. Use acrylic shelf dividers to keep sweaters piled neatly. This is a fairly inexpensive way to keep folded sweaters and jeans from toppling over and will encourage you to fold them neatly. 
  3. You might think we're crazy, but if you have drawers in your closet, organize contents inside using recycled cereal boxes. Here's a tutorial that will make you a believer. 
  4. And lastly, purge out-of-season duds from your closet to make room for your current wardrobe. Organize them in boxes or in hanging garment bags and store them in a guest closet, attic or basement until next season. This will free up space and free your mind from digging through shorts and sandals when all you really need are your sweaters and boots!
Budget Friendly Tips for an Organized Closet
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  1. LeAnne | Nov 28, 2013
    Love these tips! It's great to see you can organize a closet on a tight budget - thank you!

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