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Little Steps, Big Progress

Created on Jan 17, 2014
Amanda LeBlanc
By Amanda LeBlanc

One of my clients came to me after years of living under too much clutter. She was ready to make a change. She booked our services to help organize her closet. The closet was at least 20’ x 20’ and was packed floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. We were booked at the time so she had to wait eight weeks before we could get to her project.

In the meantime, I suggested she visit her closet each day and set a timer for 15 minutes until we could get to her project. During that time, I asked her to bring two boxes in the closet; trash and donate.

When I returned eight weeks later, I could not believe the dent she had made on this space. I asked her how she did it and she told me, the egg timer!

This new method of only having to spend 15 minutes taught her that little steps would take you a long way. It also broke the project down into manageable steps. This is a huge part of successful organizing, breaking projects down into smaller tasks!

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