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Organizing the Mudroom

Created on Oct 24, 2014

An orderly mudroom keeps clutter from entering the home. Mudrooms can be installed on a wall or in a hall closet. If you do not have a mudroom in your house, get creative and design one for free using our online design tool. Enter your measurements and create a mudroom system that is perfect for your family’s needs. 

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Before designing, make a list of everything that needs to go in this area. Will you be bringing mail into the mudroom? Do you need a spot to store your keys? How about a place to keep pet items tidy? Think about all of the ways that you will be using your space so that there is a place for everything.

If you have enough room, creating a personalized storage space for each family member gives you the best shot at mudroom organization. Give each family member their own area to store their belongings so that items do not get mixed up or lost. This can be done with individual cubbies, baskets, hooks, or whatever works best for your family.

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Think like a child when designing. Benches are great for storage but this can become a new dumping ground if you are not careful. Will your child hang their backpack on their designated hook or be tempted to toss it on the bench? Create organized systems for you and your family that will stay organized and create good habits.

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