freedomRail is the perfect combination of strength, ease and versatility to save you time, money and stress. freedomRail puts you in control! Organized Living freedomRail is an award-winning home organization system that can be customized for every area of your home. The heart of this organization system is its ability to adjust- and readjust – to suit you and your family’s ever-changing needs.

24" Shoe Fence - Nickel

Part #:

The Organized Living freedomRail Chrome Shoe Fence snaps securely into the pre-drilled holes on freedomRail Wood Shoe Shelves so that shoes can sit at a 30 degree angle without slipping out of place. Each freedomRail Shoe Shelf requires one freedomRail Chrome Shoe Fence.

Features and Benefits

  • Chrome Shoe Fences snap into place into pre-drilled holes on the freedomRail Shoe Shelves. 
  • Allows shoes to sit at a 30 degree angle to display organized footwear. 

More Info/Specifications

  • Available in 24" and 30" widths. 
  • Must accompany a 24"w x 14"d or 30"w x 14"d shoe shelf. 
  • Works with other freedomRail components sold separately.
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