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Proud Sponsor
freedomRail was selected to sponsor the 2011 Builder Concept Home, greenhouse. Take the tour now!

Organized Living is the Green Choice for Home Organization
When you invest in Organized Living product, you’re not only getting the best storage systems – you’re also doing what’s best for the planet. At Organized Living, we design products with sustainability in mind. In fact, architects and builders choose us when creating LEED certified homes. That’s because our home storage solutions are both durable and environmentally-friendly - made from recycled materials and finished with a nontoxic epoxy powder coating. 

With Organized Living, you can be reassured knowing that your storage system is healthy for you, your family, and the planet.   

The Green Advantage: 
  • Organized Living products are made from Certified Wood. Our melamine also meets environmental certification from the Composite Panel Association, meaning it has lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared to other products and services that serve the same purpose. 
  • Our products are CARB compliant: CARB is an acronym for California Air Resource Board, whose stringent air-quality standards have been adopted by many states.
  • Our products also meets Environmentally Preferable product specification. 
  • We manufacture products that are safe for homes. Organized Living ventilated shelves are PVC free.  
  • Our paints and coatings are made from low emitting materials. The Organized Living ventilated shelves are epoxy powder coated and release negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • All of our steel products are made with 99% recycled steel and our melamine meets ECC Sustainability Standards because it is made from 100% recycled material as a fiber source.
  • We reuse our cartons, pallets and other packing and even shipping materials for less waste. 
  • We maintain formaldehyde emissions well below 0.20 ppm, which is the standard set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. 
  • Our green features contribute to more LEED points than other shelving systems. 
  • Made in the USA. 
Add storage that's safe for your home and family. Browse Organized Living storage systems now!
It is not just that Organized Living uses green materials, the freedomRail product is one that adjusts and expands versus many systems that are taken off the wall and thrown into dumpsters and replaced with another system that is eventually thrown in the dumpster the next time change is needed.
- Marc Rutenberg, Marc Rutenberg Homes

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