Which Closet Product Type is Best for My Project?

Ventilated Wire

 Ventilated wire offers many advantages to builders.

  • Most cost-effective closet system, it even costs less than the simple “plank and pole.”
  • Complete after paint installation and you deal with only one supplier.
  • Makes closet look larger.
  • Newer product designs allow for continuous hanger movement, even around corners. 
  • Tight mesh shelves provide storage space for smaller items and keeps everything upright. 
  • When adding double hang and shelf stacks, becomes even more cost effective because of the simple installation hardware.
  • Very production-oriented. For example, whole homes can be installed in a matter of hours. 
  • Perfect for: value conscious home buyer, no maintenance free, strong, durable


Melamine is the generic name for closet systems using particle board with a melamine finish. 

  • Melamine closets provide a custom-built appearance. 
  • There are many accessories that work with melamine systems – from shoe cubbies to valet rods.
  • Most melamine closets need to be pre-drawn and discussed with home buyer. Once installed, melamine systems are not very adjustable and cannot be easily added on later. 
  • New mounting systems allow most melamine designs to be installed in less than a day using a one-man crew.
  • Perfect for: female, homeowner, married with children, 30-50 years old, college educated, active family, traditional values, organizer who likes things in control, homes says “I’ve arrived,” simplicity and balance in life, will search for and pay for quality

Adjustable Systems

The newest and fastest growing storage systems are adjustable and utilize wire and wood shelving with various accessories. 

  • Adjustable system can change as needs change.
  • Adjustable system can adapt even from the original design. 
  • Adjustable system can be added to at any time.
  • Designs can be simple and cost effective or very elaborate.
  • Installation is production-oriented, taking only a matter of hours for a whole house.
  • Perfect for: female, married with children, college educated, 30-50 years old, view home as a creative expression outlet, simplicity and balance in daily life, she is an organizer who likes things in control, will search for and pay for quality, active family, is independent, capable and intelligent. 

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