freedomRail is Best Choice for Senior Living 

Senior living projects mean a lot of things to the owners – it’s a huge life transition for them. They typically are downsizing. And although they might have less space and fewer rooms, they still have the same amount of stuff to store and organize. In addition, even though it is less space, they don’t want any shortage on quality. Said one focus group participant: “I'll sacrifice space but not quality. The rooms I'm left with need to make me feel good each time I walk in.”

They also demand accessible designs that can help them age gracefully and maintain their independence. The right storage and organization solutions can help them do just that.

Organized Living freedomRail:

• Offers the most versatility. 
• Meets ADA requirements.

• Is one system that can be used in closets, pantries, linen, laundry and more. You create efficiencies by specifying just one product. 
• Adapts to the needs of any tenant. 
• Can be accessible for anyone
– nothing sits on the floor or is installed near the floor to give wheelchairs and walkers the clearance that they need. 
• Is truly adjustable. It can be adapted from one tenant to the next because all components move up, down, left and right any time without tools. Plus components are exactly as they want it – to their specific reach and comfort. 
• Is the strongest storage available so it will not fall down or cause injury. 
• Means no lost costs. freedomRail components move from room to room or to adapt for the next tenant with ease!
• Is easy to install – projects go up quickly and easily. 
• Has the highest quality engineering to last for years of the most active use. 
• Offers flexibility for frequent room changes. freedomRail components can be moved from room to room without emptying all the contents.
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